About Eastern Chef


We create food that make you smile

A family member group Thai ladies who love cooking serve whole family, soul of being simply real homemade food. They have created JITRAMAS, family owned pioneer outside catering in Thailand since 1982. The later stage, as travel aboard inspired initiative bringing homemade food to export industrial products. Medium frozen and sauce manufacturer has established since 1991.

Eastern Chef was born in 2006, created local naturally Asian homemade food to serve the world. Though making simply food serve to complex eating habit. Its concept always present freshly and healthy rich combination ingredients of EAST in frozen and non-frozen products.

Menus encourage Western cooking style to cook simple Asian style. “You can be Eastern Chef” You can experiment happily in your kitchen. They are verity , cooking at home, meal to go, party snack, dessert and beverage.
Experience the Passion of Eastern Cuisine

Enjoy your healthy meal !!!